Happy New Year!

Let’s get Motivated! Think about what you can do today.  Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Why not today? Today is the best and current day to get started.  What motivates you? Write it down. Keep it near you.  Reflect on it.  Motivation has a lot of enthusiasm if you tap into it.  Also, it’s contagious–Motivate yourself and Motivate others.  Let’s keep the fire going!


Different Can Be A Good Thing

Who says different has to be bad?  Actually something different can be a good thing.  For example, a different scenery or a different career path; can be a good thing.  Needless to say a new or different relationship can be awesome too.  Although fear can seep in to stop or hinder something new or different from coming into your life, but you hold the keys.  In my opinion, it is so important to open up your heart and mind to receive new and different opportunities.  When you do this, buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride–and possibly take someone along.


What Do We Really Need?

I have to make sure to distinguish between Want and Need. In my opinion, the word NEED can be overrated and subjective.  It truly depends on the individual and/or the circumstance. Do we really need 5 cars and only drive 2 (Smile)?  When we watch commercials, we are lead to believe we need more–yes, more stuff! However, in all honesty we can survive on so much less and be happy. I agree we need to have our basic needs met and my heart goes out to the ones who don’t. So my wish is that everyone get and give love, kindness and respect.  That is what we All Need!


It’s the last day of the year. Have you taken a few minutes to reflect over 2016? Have you achieved the goals you wanted? If not, why? Are those goals still important to you? You can certainly transfer those to the New Year but lets add some realistic action steps to it. I want you to be more successful with carrying out those steps to get you where you want to go. Lets be productive! Ready set go!